projevt managenet

Project Management

Defining project objectives; Risks analysis and control solutions; Resources Quantification; Resources Management; Project Planning; Resources Acquisition; Tasks Setting and Control; Project Management activities; Project execution control

Environmental Management / ESIA

Environmental management system implementation and certification represent a systematic approach for controlling environmental aspects of an organization. Environmental management system is a useful “tool”, aimed to enable

Obtaining of Permits / Agreements / Authorizations

In order to obtain environmental permits / agreements / authorizations, we elaborate the entire application forms and documentations to be submitted to Environmental Protection Agency, documentation


Biodiversity case studies (polluted areas, sites targeted for investments, protected areas). These studies could include, as appropriate: Evaluation of annual or seasonal dynamics of biodiversity; Taxonomic inventory; Identification of

Environmental Monitoring

Noise measurements and noise reports; Preparation of specific studies for pollution control and ecological restoration solutions identification; Consultancy services on general or specific topics at environmental issues; Construction works

Ecological Reconstruction

Identifying environmental obligations and requirements to comply with environmental legislation; Investigations on the origin, nature and extent of pollution; Identifying the optimal greening of technically and economically implement green


Grants from UE funds

By accessing EU funds, our company consultants offer guidance to our clients in selecting the best funding opportunities, support in project plan preparation, data collection and analysis, as well as elaboration of entire documentation