Obtaining of Permits / Agreements / Authorizations


In order to obtain environmental permits / agreements / authorizations, we elaborate the entire application forms and documentations to be submitted to Environmental Protection Agency, documentation that may contain the following (as applicable):

Environmental Permit for Plans and Programs (SEA Procedure):

  • Notify Competent Authorities regarding development of plan and program;
  • First draft of the plan and program;
  • Final Environmental Report.

Environmental Agreement/Permit for Investment Projects:

  • Application Form for obtaining the environmental Agreement / Permit;
  • Technical Memoir;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment  Study;
  • Consultancy during the environmental agreement procedure.

Environmental authorization:

  • Application form for environmental authorization;
  • Technical Memoir;
  • Environmental balance level 0, I or II;
  • Measurements / Noise analysis.

Permit/Authorization for water management:

Develop Water Management studies necessary for obtaining the Water Permit for Competent Authorities (document necessary for new investments development and water systems rehabilitations, management of hazardous substances that may reach groundwater or surface water) and / or Water Management authorization (document necessary for operation of new or existing facilities placed near water sources and management of hazardous substances or other activities that could have negative impact on groundwater or surface water).